BIOME listserver, CSGintro.

[From Dag Forssell (940217 0040)]

Bill Silvert,

Gary just sent me a preview of a reformatted CSGINTRO, which reminds me
that I need to ask you about your BIOME listserver. By now, you have
received my package with the February DEMODISK and my inquiry about your
Indexes. When I looked at the csg/Index recently, I found that it has
changed a lot from when CSGINTRO was created in November of 1992.
Therefore the CSGINTRO is somewhat misleading. The structure of the
Index is different and some of the files (uud.scr for example) appear

I am referring to this segment:


As part of the index (of the csg directory), you may be looking

dem1a.exe 128437 Bill Power's demonstr of perceptual control
dem2a.exe 123649 Bill Power's modeling of control

uud.scr 53406 ASCII Compile uud.exe w DOS debug Dir @ end.

If you want dem1a.exe (uuencoded) to get a "live" demonstration
of the phenomenon of control, and the ASCII file uud.scr with
directions at the end on how to use DOS debug to compile uud.exe
to decode it, send the following message commands:

uue csg/programs/msdos/dem1a.exe
get csg/programs/forssell/uud.scr

The uuencoded dem1a.exe will be sent in four parts. Remove
headers and use an editor to make it into one file (starting
with table and ending with end) before you use uud.exe to
restore the file. dem1a.exe is a self-extracting archive file.
Put it in it's own directory before you execute it. You get
complete documentation and a running program.

My concern is that CSGINTRO should conform to what you have done or will
do. Can you please write us all a report on what is going on, and how
you plan to handle the DEMODISK. I believe this is of general interest.

Obviously, I will send you the March version I just posted about when it
is ready next week.

Gary, the revision looks very good, with Gopher and all.

The heading: "THE PURPOSE OF CSGnet" needs centering and a hard return.

My address twice in demodisk listing. Here is suggestion and two more
articles -- one finished and one nearly so.

Forssell, Dag C. (Ed.), (1994). PERCEPTUAL CONTROL THEORY: DOS
  1.44 MB 3 1/2" disk (1 ea) or 1.2 MB 5 1/4" disk (2 ea).
  May be freely copied. $10 U.S. by air worldwide. Write:
  Purposeful Leadership, 23903 Via Flamenco, Valencia, CA, USA

Forssell, Dag C., (1993). Perceptual Control: A Key Management
  Introduction to PCT as an answer to leadership issues.

Forssell, Dag C., (In press). Perceptual Control: More Management
  Insight. ENGINEERING MANAGEMENT JOURNAL. Second in series.
  Review of HPCT with evidence, demonstration and application.

Forssell, Dag C., (In press). Psychological Theory:
  Most useful theory: causal mechanisms. Assessing TQM.

Best, Dag