Boating and PCT

[Allan Randall (930308.1410)]

Here's a quote from Daniel Dennett's "Consciousness Explained," which
I am currently reading (Little, Brown & Co., 1991). I thought this
might be interesting to consider in PCT terms:

"Pleasure-boaters sailing along a tricky coast usually make sure they
stay out of harm's way by steering for a mark. They find some visible
but distant buoy in roughly the direction they want to go, check the
chart to make sure there are no hidden obstacles on the straight line
between the mark and where they are, and then head straight for it.
For maybe an hour or more the skipper's goal is to aim directly at
the mark, correcting all errors. Every so often, however, skippers
get so lulled by this project that they forget to veer off at the last
minute and actually hit the buoy head on!"


Allan Randall,
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