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[Bruce Abbott (2018.08.27.1545 EDT)]


[Rick Marken 2018-08-26_15:19:21]

RM: So Moaz et al found exactly what we found: When affine velocity is left out of the regression analysis that is used to determine whether or not a movement conforms to the power law, the power coefficient relating curvature to velocity that is found by this omitted variable regression will deviate from the power law value – the mathematically “true” value of -1/3, 1/3 or 2/3, depending on how velocity and curvature are measured – by an amount proportional to the covariance between curvature and affine velocity (per equation (6) in Moaz et al and equation (12) in Marken and Shaffer (2017).

“There are three kinds of lies: Lies, damned lies, and statistics!â€? – Mark Twain in a quote attributed to British Primee Minister Benjamin Disraeli.