Book of Readings

[From Dag Forssell (2008-04-06 21:00 PDT)]


I am pleased to tell you that you get a link to download the brand new

Perceptual Control Theory: A Book of Readings

by sending a message to My autoresponder will send you a reply email with the link, and I will get your email, which I will simply archive in a separate mailbox.

This Book of Readings is designed for a free download by anyone who hears about or is in any way interested in PCT. It is meant to be a rather comprehensive introduction to PCT.

In order to be able to inform those who download of future developments with a very occasional email, I am undertaking to collect email addresses from those who download; therefore this arrangement. I am evaluating and will convert to some newsletter management service. Anyone will be perfectly able to remove their name from my list.

The particulars inside the book should be self-explanatory.

As shown at the download web page, please direct any comments on this ebook to

Best, Dag