Brain chip reads man's thoughts

[From Bryan Thalhammer (2006.08.21.1850 CDT)]


Of course I am no expert in neurology, none at all actually. But the thing I saw
when you wrote this is the control system(s) that result in hand or finger
movements are bypassed all right, but other control systems that apparently can
vary bioelectrical valences (?) can be reorganized to eventually actuate the
chip in the same way as the joystick.

So, to the man, the hand is still working, but now the apparent control appears
to be wishing rather than squeezing. HPCT is not violated.

I dunno, this is not momentous. The joystick has been put inside the brain,
albeit not inside any control system, and can be controlled in the same way with
the electrical variances as formerly with the hand. :slight_smile:

What do you think?



[Bjorn Simonsen (2006.08.21,23:30 EUST)]

At the TV news today I saw a paralysed man thinking (wishing) the wheelchair
to go to the right and the wheelchair turned right. They said that a chip
was operated on the brain and there were cables between the chip and a unit
on the wheelchair.

I think this is inexplicable relative to HPCT. I understand signals may go
from cortex but these signals go to the brain stem or to spinal centres.
I found something about the same news (I think) at
BBC NEWS | Health | Brain chip reads man's thoughts ,

Can anyone say something PCT-ish about this?


[From Bjorn Simonsen (2006.10.23,08:35 EUST)]

From Bryan Thalhammer
(2006.10.22.1540 CDT

Okay?! :slight_smile:

Yes, thank you.

I marked specially: ”And while much of the

higher level control systems may be basically
unaffected, the hierarchy will be

reorganized so that the outputs that control the
desired perceptions are going

physically toward the location of the chip (wherever
that might be, I don’t

care) rather than down through the brainstem”.