Bridge Toll Troll

[From RIck Marken (931030.2330)]

Gary Cziko (931030.2130 GMT) to Greg Williams --

You and Rick appear to have different higher-level goals. Rick's appears
to be to make sure that the central insight of PCT is maintained and made
clear in our dealings with others--you've got to pay your toll to cross
Rick's bridge and leave a lot of your luggage behind at customs. And if
you do manage to sneak over the bridge without paying the toll with luggage
still in hand, he will chase you back over to your own side (loose canons
are good at this).

I like it; I like it.

Huxley was Darwin's bulldog; Marken is Powers' bridge toll troll.

Your goal seems to be to first entice them over the bridge by making PCT
seem not so very different from what they already know and then show them
how PCT can help them solve certain problems.

That's the way it looks to me, too. And I with your (Gary's) doubts about
the probable effectiveness of this strategy.