BSc or BA

Greetings Sean,
In my experience it does not make a great deal of difference whether
you complete a BA or BSc as far as getting accepted to a graduate
program. I myself opted for the BSc which at Michigan State basically
involved a couple more math and/or science courses than the BA. The
feedback from the admissions commitees I've dealt with suggest that
their primary interests are: GPA, GRE scores, and your personal statement
of intent (ie. "why do you want to go there, what do you hope to accomplish,
blah, blah, blah...).

My recommendation would be to 1) find out the differences between the two
degree programs for your particular institution, 2) select a degree
program that will give you the skills you will need in the future (e.g.
if you're interested in an experimental branch of psych like cognitive, a
couple stat courses beyond the minimum requirements will give you the
advantage over other grad school applicants), 3) during the course of
your undergraduate education, find a professor (or grad student) whose work
you are interested in and go to their office hours. Very often these
people are justing sitting their because they have to and no one ever
comes by.... Faculty can be a great source of information and counseling,
use 'em. This can be an intimidating situation, but most professors are
quite friendly and all grad students have been where you are now.

Good luck, hope this helps.

Adam K. Stevenson Department of Psychological Sciences Purdue University
Grad Student, Cognitive Area West Lafayette, IN

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On 10 Aug 1996, plague wrote:

Hello, I will be attending University this fall. I have been accepted
into a Science program. I intend to get my graduate degree in psychology
after completing my undergrad. I am curious to the difference between
getting a BSc or a BA in psychology. Does it make a difference when
applying for graduate studies? Thank you for your time.

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Sean Ashley