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[From Bjorn Simonsen (2006.05.23,21:25EUST)]
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[From Bjorn
Simonsen 2006.05.21,13:10 EUST)]
… To get
oscillations in
any system, you need
special condition involving time delays. When

you do get oscillations, there must be nonlinearities in the

or the result is literally an explosion (which is, I guess, an

expression of a nonlinearity :-).

I see the
possibility for explosion if different parameters are

You have that backwards. The problem of explosion happens when
the systems (not the parameters – they are just numbers) are LINEAR.
Nonlinear system MAY explode, but linear ones that introduce
oscillation WILL explode (as will linear systems that have a loop gain
greater than unity).

And in my earlier message I did mean “literally”, with
a physical bang and burn-up of the system, not a metaphoric one of a
value “going to infinity”.

The rest, later.