[From: Oded Maler (931210)]

A kind of temporary good bye note. I'm leaving this weekend for almost
four weeks Hanukka vacation, in order to re-sharpen my feedback loops
concerning Israeli queues (including academic posts). [Btw, some
people are too sophisticated for simple banal queues where the
physical order represents the priority order. Typically in our queues,
when a newcomer arrives, he immediately asks: "who's the last", and
then tells him: "remember that I'm after you, I'll soon be back".
There is also a (genetic?) resistence to standing in straight lines.]

Well, during this period I will not (god forbid) be totally deprived from
e-mail, but I will probably won't be able to keep up with the usual
rate of traffic on CSG-L (it took me a whole day to clean my mailboxes,
where 80% comes from this group). So please don't interpret the silence
as a loss of interest, or worse, as an agreement with what certain
participants will surely say in this period.

All the best




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