C word

[From Rick Marken (931002.0830)]

Dag Forssell (931001 1510)--


I will appreciate suggestions for improvements.

This is a beautifully written, "humanistic" description of
"control". I can think of no improvements. I'm glad you have
the patience and poise to go this route. As Bill P. pointed
out in a private post, I have been "in a mood" lately where
I seem to assume that no one wants to learn PCT; this mood
probably has something to do with all my reading of the
"coordinative structure" studies; the little "rejection letter"
that you posted was the last straw, I guess. But your piece
on "defining control" is really excellent; nice work.



[Martin Taylor 931004 16:20]
(Dag Forssell 931001 1510)

Today and tomorrow our division, of 26 people, are taking part in a compulsory
training seminar on the issue of workplace harrassment. At lunchtime I
started to read my e-mail, and found Dag's "DEFINING CONTROL". It seemed
so directly relevant that I printed and copied it, and the instructor
checked it over and handed it around.

Useful work. Thanks, Dag.