[C4I-Pro] Exercises, Taxation and Guns

kerr@marlin.nosc.mil (Bill Kerr)
To all:
What military exercises do readers of the list regard as high-visibility
for C4I systems and/or large-scale Joint activities? What familiarity I
have is with Navy exercises, and, of course, JWID. What else is out there
that you folks think are good opportunities to see different systems in the

Mr. Taylor,
These days it behooves us all to keep an eye on the economics affecting our
various programs. Since the overwhelming majority of work in C4I is paid
for by the Government (whoever is actually doing it, taxes pay for it) the
whole "taxpayer revolt" business could greatly affect programs with little
public understanding. Worse yet, it's sometimes difficult to explain WHY
C4I is important or why it is worthwhile to spend the money. So some
discussion of taxation, over-taxation and public reaction is germane.
Besides, I at least thoroughly enjoyed reading it all. It was a very
welcome change from the rest of the stuff I'd been reading that day (but
then I have a history degree, so...).

Mr. Heminger,
There is no doubt whatsoever in my mind that the President and his
entourage would LOVE to make guns illegal, particularly handguns. This
would wander far from C4I topics (even farther than the fall of Rome) so we
should probably continue in private mail if you wish, but the fact that he
hasn't said it doesn't indicate to me that he wouldn't do it if he could.