[C4I-Pro] FW: Ada Pretty Printer

"Fitzmaurice, Frank" <FFITZMAU@dtic.dla.mil>

For anyone who is interested, I was told by one of my users that the Ada
Pretty Printer is available through the Ada Public Library (PAL). The
information below on Internet access to PAL was forwarded to me.

Frank FitzMaurice
CIM Help Desk at DTIC


From: kirkland
Subject: Re: Ada Pretty Printer
Date: Thursday, July 20, 1995 5:11PM

You can access the PAL INDEX by the following:

The FAQ by:

and the home page by:

I recommend the home page the first visit, then read the FAQ, from then
on I would access the index using the search facility of your browser.
You can download an ASCII version of the index (about 2000 printed pages),
and then search it locally before connecting to it online.

Good Luck.