Call for papers II

Hello, all –

Time for another reminder: please send descriptions of a presentation you
want to give at the CSG 2012 meeting, or preprints of a paper, so we can
start publicity for the meeting. You can send them to me at the above
email address.

Be sure to reserve your room soon at the Outlook Hotel; find contact
details in the attached registration mailing. There is nearby overflow
hotel space, but it would be better to have us all in the same place.
Some interesting talk goes on at breakfast!

We know of about 8 people who want to present and have very interesting
brief descriptions from 5. There are slots for 6 more, and possibilities
of expanding by splitting one or two hour-long talks into shorter ones.
There are still four months until the meeting, so perhaps that is just a
standard reading on the procrastination scale, but organizers start to
get anxious early. We can make adjustments using the previous method of
adjusting the final schedule on the arrival-day evening, which is Tuesday
this year.

There will be new topics and new interactions with people from the
University of Colorado and Duke University, from the neuroscience faculty
and students to – we hope – clinical psychologists. A rather
intense day will be devoted to PCT-based therapy involving the Method of
Levels, including tutorials and demonstrations with telepresence of
practitioners in England and Australia, and supervised practice at
conducting MOL sessions. The training is not limited to professional
therapists, but has applications in schools, in the home, and even just
in everyday affairs.

I think we’ve missed only one or two years of CSG meetings in the 27
years since the first one at “Haimowoods”, an ex-convent near
Racine, Wisconsin. This one is called the “26th” conference,
which is probably close enough. Many of the people at the first year’s
conference will be present at this one – quite a bit whiter on top, but
just as convinced as ever that we are present at momentous events in the
history of building a second foundation under psychology (a moment of
silence for Isaac Asimov).

Best to all,

Hari Seldon


CSGRegistration2012FEB2.doc (74.5 KB)