Can CSGnet Be Digested

[from Gary Cziko 93093. 0254 GMT]

Cliff Joslyn (930922) moans:

I've got a problem. On the one hand, I want to keep up on CSG-L. On
the other hand, it's becoming increasingly difficult to manage my
mailbox. I've got a lot of other things going on as well, you see.
Perhaps others have this problem.

One solution would be to set up a digest system, where messages would
be batched on , say, a daily basis. In other words, instead of
receiving 25 messages/day from CSG-L, I would receive one with 25
parts in a digest format. I believe there are standard software tools
out there that help automate this process, but admit I don't know
exactly what they are.

Join the "overwhelmed by CSGnet club."

There are some ways already available which might help you. The first is
get off the network (although you can still always send messages to it) and
download the archives once a week. To get the archives for the second week
(days 8 through 14) of September, for example, send the following message
to <>


Logs can be gotten anytime after the beginning of a new week and
accumulate throughout the week.

The other way is to read CSGnet via NetNews (UseNet) where we are the group

I know of no way to automatically put daily message into one file, but
would not be opposed to having this as an option if it didn't require any
more of my time.

A third way is to selective in your reading. For example, I seldom read
all of the posts sent by the following: Powers (too many and too long);
Greg Williams's (too contrary); Bourbon (too many diagrams); Taylor and the
Canadians (too much information). The only person I read religiously is
Marken who writes in a style I can relate to (even if his spelling is
lousy), is almost always right, and admits it when he he isn't :slight_smile:



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