CFP: 2nd European Workshop on PCT 1998

                    PERCEPTUAL CONTROL THEORY 1998
                        SCHLOSS KROECHLENDORFF
                        June 3, 98 - June 7, 98



Hi, all --

YES, we are on! Our Workshop will happen :slight_smile:

Although I'm still waiting for the responses of some Europeans
whether they intend to come to Schloss Krowchlendorff or to miss
this opportunity, I can go on organizing our meeting.

1. To set up the web-page for the meeting, I need the titles of
    the papers from those who want to contribute one.
    Please send it as soon as possible!

2. Deadline for the papers is March, 15. 1998
    I'll try to get an ISBN for the Web-Pages to make all papers
    available on the net and as a little booklet.

3. LAST DATE to sign up for the meeting: April, 30. 1998

4. On the web-page (address below) one can find general
    travel informations.

5. For those coming from far away: I've reserved the rooms in
    Schloss Kroechlendorff from June, 2, to June, 8. So you have
    the chance to recover from jet-lag a little ...

6. Payment of conferece fees: you can pay the fees at registration
    at Schloss Kroechlendorff. Further informations on this topic
    will come soon.

Wolfgang Zocher

2nd European Workshop on Perceptual Control Theory 1998
email: (office) (home)