CFP: Symposium on Operations Research 1995

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                First Announcement and Call for Papers


        Annual Conference of the DGOR, GM"OOR and "OGOR (SOR 95)

         Universit"at Passau, September 13 - September 15, 1995

The Symposium on Operations Research 1995 is the joint annual international
conference of the two German OR societies DGOR and GM"OOR and the Austrian
OR society "OGOR.

It will take place at the University of Passau. The city of Passau is located
at the three country corner of Germany, Austria and Czechia. It can be reached
comfortably via railway, "Autobahn" or Munich airport.

The conference serves as a forum for scientists and practitioners in all
areas of Operations Research. It will be organized in the following 21 sections.

Section Chairman

1. Linear Programming Borgwardt
2. Nonlinear Programming Kummer
3. Combinatorial and Discrete Optimization Reinelt
4. Stochastic Models and Optimization Rieder
5. Realtime Optimization Bock
6. Scheduling K"ampke
7. Control Theory Tr"oltzsch
8. Statistics, Econometrics Friedmann
9. Macroeconomics R. Richter
10. Mathematical Economics and Game Theory Trockel
11. Neural Networks and Fuzzy Control Weber
12. Simulation Eschenbacher
13. Decision Support and Information Systems Solte
14. Banking, Finance, Insurance Loistl
15. Production Ziegler
16. Logistics Vahrenkamp
17. Transportation and Traffic Sahling
18. Inventory Inderfurth
19. Practical OR (Application Reports) Schuster
20. Decision Theory and Experimental Economics Leopold-Wildburger
21. Environmental Aspects Haasis

The program includes three invited plenary lectures by leading experts in the
fields of production and logistics, linear programming and environmental

In each of the 21 sections a distinguished semiplenary lecture will be
presented. More information will be provided with the second announcement.


All partipants are invited to present contributed lectures in any of the 21
sections. These lectures are scheduled to be of 30 minutes length including
discussion. Conference languages are English and German.
Participants are also encouraged to present software solutions to their
contributions or software systems.

The conference fee will be DM 220,-- for members of DGOR, GM"OOR and "OGOR,
and DM 270,-- otherwise. Reduced rates apply for students, unemployed
participants, and participants from weak currency countries. For these
participants, there will also be available a limited number of cheap


Participants who have e-mail access can get an example file for the preliminary
registration in LaTeX format by sending an e-mail to
    help preregistration
on the subject line.

Those participants who do not have access to e-mail should write to the
following address for obtaining a paper form for the preliminary registration:

                    Gesch"aftsstelle der DGOR
                    Am Steinknapp 14b
                    D-44795 Bochum

Please note, that
preregistration is ONLY possible in PAPER FORM by sending the complete
preregistration form to the address mentioned above.


Abstracts for lectures/software demonstrations should be in LaTeX format,
and not exceed 20 lines with at most 80 characters.

The abstracts should be submitted by e-mail since this will enable us to
make the abstract volume available also in electronic form.

An example file with information about the abstract format can be obtained
by sending an e-mail to
    help abstract
on the subject line.

Those participants who do not have access to e-mail should write to the
following address for obtaining a paper form for the abstracts:

                    Gesch"aftsstelle der DGOR
                    Am Steinknapp 14b
                    D-44795 Bochum


Preregistration until Feb 1 , 1995
Submission of abstracts until April 1, 1995
Early registration (normal conference fee) until May 15 , 1995
Late registration (normal fee + DM 50,-) May 16 - September 13, 1995

Organizing Committee: Programme Committee :

Prof. Dr. P. Kleinschmidt Prof. Dr. P. Kleinschmidt
Prof. Dr. H. Schmalen Prof. Dr. A. Bachem
Prof. Dr. B. Schmidt Prof. Dr. Dr. U. Derigs
Prof. Dr. W. Schweitzer Dr. D. Fischer
Prof. Dr. J. Wilhelm Prof. Dr. Leopold-Wildburger
Prof. Dr. H. Ziegler Prof. Dr. R. H. M"ohring

Mailing address for abstracts Mailing address for
and further Information: preliminary registration:

Prof. Dr. P. Kleinschmidt Gesch"aftsstelle der DGOR
Universit"at Passau Am Steinknapp 14b
Wirtschaftswissenschaftliche D-44795 Bochum
Fakult"at Tel. +49-234-462246
D-94030 Passau
Tel. +49-851-509-339