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Manuscripts are solicited for the IEEE Transactions on Control Systems
Technology, a new journal of the IEEE Control Systems Society to be
published quarterly beginning March 1993.


The IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology will publish
papers on new developments in all areas of control systems technology,
including, but not limited to, new sensor and actuator technologies,
software and hardware for real-time computing and signal processing in
control systems, tools for computer-aided design of control systems,
new approaches to control system design and implementation,
experimental results, distributed architectures, intelligent control,
and novel applications of control engineering methods. Survey and
tutorial articles on timely topics of general interest will also be
considered for publication. The Letters section provides for the
rapid publication of brief reports on new research results and
technical developments, and comments on previous papers.

X. Cao, Digital Equipment Corporation, USA
D. Clarke, Oxford University, ENGLAND
J. Cloutier, USAF Armament Lab, USA
E. Collins, Harris Corporation, USA
P. Dersin, GEC Alsthom, FRANCE
B. Egardt, Goteborg University, SWEDEN
S. Engell, Dortmund University, GERMANY (Co-Editor)
H. Geering, ETH Zurich, SWITZERLAND
S. Kumagai, Osaka University, JAPAN
K. Lorell, Lockheed, USA
J. Maciejowski, Cambridge University, ENGLAND
R. Ravi, General Electric Co., USA
D. Repperger, Wright Patterson AFB, USA
M. Spong, University of Illinois-Urbana, USA
M. Steinbuch, Philips Labs, THE NETHERLANDS
G. Suski, Lawrence Livermore Labs, USA
S. Williams, Cambridge Control Ltd., ENGLAND
J. Winkelman, Ford Motor Co., USA
N. Yoshitani, Naoharu, Nippon Steel Co. Ltd., JAPAN

K. Astrom, Lund Institute of Technology, SWEDEN
S. Kahne, MITRE Corporation, USA
P. Kokotovic, University of California-Santa Barbara, USA
M. Masten, Texas Instruments, USA
G. Schmidt, Technical University of Munich, GERMANY
L. Sweet, Asea Brown Boveri, USA
T. Ueyama, Nippon Steel Co. JAPAN

Information for Authors

Three types of contributions will be considered: Papers, Brief Papers,
and Letters. Papers and Brief Papers go through the same review
process. Letters go through a shorter review process to facilitate
rapid publication.

Manuscripts must be double-spaced. The first page should include the
title, the names and affiliations of all authors, an indication of the
corresponding author, and a one-paragraph abstract which briefly
describes the contribution of the paper. Papers should be no longer
than 32 double-spaced pages, including figures. Brief Papers should
be no longer than 16 double-spaced pages, including figures. Letters
should be no longer than 8 double-spaced pages of text, plus figures.
In general, manuscripts should follow the standards of the IEEE as
described in Information for IEEE Transactions and Journal Authors,
available on request from the IEEE Publications Department, 345 East
47th Street, New York, NY 10017-2394, USA.

Seven copies of the complete manuscript with a cover letter stating
the type of contribution (Paper, Brief Paper, or Letter) and the name
and address of the corresponding author should be sent to one of the
following editorial offices:

Bruce H. Krogh, Editor
IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Carnegie Mellon University Pittsburgh, PA, 15213-3890


Sebastian Engell, Co-Editor
IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology
FB Chemietechnik
University of Dortmund
Postfach 50 05 00
D-4600 Dortmund 50

Submissions should be sent to the editorial office which is most
convenient to minimize time and cost of postage. Questions should be
directed to Bruce H. Krogh at the above address, or computer mail:; phone: 412 268 2472; or fax: 412 268 3890.


Subject: The new IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology