Chapter-by-chapter discussion questions for B:CP

[From Kent McClelland (2013.11.25.17:15 CST)]

This fall I have been teaching a course on perceptual control theory for undergraduates at Grinnell College, and for class discussions I prepared a set of detailed questions covering each chapter of the 2005 edition of Behavior: The Control of Perception.
One of the objectives of our class was to do a close reading of that text.

Some of my questions have been borrowed from Rick Marken and David Goldstein’s study guides for their online course on B:CP, but the majority are new.

In case anyone is interested in looking over the questions or using them for further study of the book, attached is a file that lists all of the questions I used. I’d appreciate suggestions of better questions or corrections of the ones that are here,
since I expect to teach the course again next year.

I’m also open to discussing any questions you have about these questions or about the answers I was expecting to get from my students.

BCP discussion questions McClelland FA13.pdf (132 KB)