Choosing a doctoral program that can incorporate PCT research

Hello everyone!

I am looking for programs that would be a good fit for PCT research. I have a BA Psych, MA Counseling, and MBA. I’m looking to put a doctoral degree to use by consulting leaders or acting as an executive for businesses (both for profit and nonprofit).

I would appreciate any suggestions related to choosing a PhD, PsyD, EdD or other degree that can be a good fit for including PCT concepts related to optimizing outcomes that require a deeper understanding of human behaviors / motivations.

Thanks for your insights.


Consider sociology or social psychology. Kent McClelland could give you some pointers. Aside from any restrictions on location that you may impose, due prudence regarding the pandemic constrains travel and relocation, probably through next year. Programs may be moving more toward the Oxford tutorial method. John Richer may have some good suggestions for you in England, and indeed his naturalist ethological approach might be quite appropriate for your interests, e.g. this paper.

Thank you! I actually spoke with Kent McClelland in early June and he has been a great guide for me already. I know that Kent has focused on Peace and Conflict Resolution, which is a topic that I’m very interested in.

I was thinking about pursuing the organizational leadership degree with Marshall University in West Virginia, because it offers most of its coursework online. That is helpful for me during these times of limited in-person interaction and I am based near Charlotte, NC.

Do you know if this program looks like one that could be a good fit for exploring PCT as it relates to organizations making progress without trying to “control their employees” via external rewards primarily?

I appreciate any insights you can offer. The PCT community has already been so gracious and welcoming for me since I got excited after discovering the theory and started searching for a deeper connection to the ideas.

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I also printed off the paper you shared and I will read that today. Thank you for that. :slight_smile:

Hi Phil,

It is nice to know you are considering a doctorate researching PCT!

I am studying a PhD in UK researching PCT, heart rate variability and exposure for spider anxiety. Although I cannot recommend you any courses in US, I can say researching PCT in areas other than cognitive or mathematical science can be quite tricky. PCT is such a new theory in non-mathematical subjects. I recommend you to find a supervisor who is open-minded and will not shut you down when you try to implement PCT in your future research. That will help a lot.

Another observation from my PhD is that it is very easy to read about PCT but it is so difficult when you start writing about it in your area. I think it could be due to the engineering influence in PCT. Some professional or academics in other areas just cannot understand PCT wordings. I recommend you search “business” or “negotiation” or other business related words in archive and it may help you to develop your research idea and propose it to your potential supervisors.

Here is the search on “business”:

All the best to your application!