Clarification on Ed Fords Program

From [Marc Abrams (950409.1625)]

I have just recieved some feedback on my posts over the last servral days with
Bill P about my views on Eds Program. I would like to make sure (at least
within my capabilities) that I expressed myself properly.

I _LOVE_ what Ed Ford has been trying to do. I think his approach to family
therapy (as expressed in his _Freedom from Stress_ book) is TERRIFIC, and
beats the tar out of, IMHO, any other therapy approach. It's a no nonsense, no
BS way to help people who are interested in helping themselves.

Eds "success" at the Claredon school has not come easy. That is NOT a
reflection on either Ed or PCT. Other "issues" have impeded the progress.
Teachers who have dealt with the school population have not always either
"learned" the program or agreed with its use. George and LeEdna met with a
tremendous amount of resistance by thier bosses. It took some _BRILLIANT_ work
on the part of LeEdna and George to get it going. To me the program is still
"being" developed. Up to the time of the CSG conference, this great program
could not be _REPLICATED_ outside of Claredon. Yes others have had Ed come in
and he has been in great demand because of the ENTHUSIASIM people have about
the program. But everyone has been lleft to thier own devices in trying to
figure out how best to IMPLEMENT the program. Some questions I have about the

If a teacher disagrees with the approach or for whatever reason cannot learn
it. What happens?

How do you measure success? Are kids learning better? How would you know? are
teachers teaching better? again how would you know? are less kids being
categorized as "special ed" for "behavioral" problems. Or has the main part of
success been the fact that staff no longer feels "responsible" for the
students behavior.

If our whole educational system is based on the notion that the Teachers
"know" whats best for the students. How does the teacher suddenly accept the
fact that that is not true.

One problem I know they have had is with staff that have felt that the program
has worked and the "problem" has been solved and have gone back to thier "old"

Another problem is with teachers who really don't understand the program and
"misuse" the Time-out room.

I am not suggesting that these things make the program a failure. Nor am I
suggesting that PCT does not work and has not been an integral part of the
success at CLAREDON. I don't think the show is quite ready for the road.

And Yes Bill, with 25 years experience I think I can judge what can and cannot
be "sold"

Hello out there. Are any of Ed Fords assocates on the Net ? I know LeEdna and
George are not. I also know that Joe H. (from Michigan) is not. How about Alan
Wright from Pheonix and his lock up facility. ANYONE (including Ed :-)) who is
associated with a program currently being implemented please post. I would
love to help bring this program into the NY metro area.