Closed Loop

from Ed Ford (930507:1400)

Now that I can used this thing, thanks to Eric, my son-in-law,
just to let you know that Closed Loop got in the mail today. It's nice
to be on the net again. Now, if I can remember what he taught me, I'll
be able to stay on the net.

Best, Ed

Ed Ford 5913466@MCIMAIL.COM
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from Ed Ford (920723:0935)

To All -

Closed Loop Summer 1992, Volume 2, Number 3, has been printed. It is
entitled Statistics vs. Generative Models. As I said a few days ago,
these will be distributed (thus reducing our postage costs) at the
conference and Mary Powers will be given additional copies for non-
members wanting to buy this edition or prior copies. The cost per copy
is $6.00 which includes shipping costs. The other editions available
from this year are: Winter 1992, Volume 2, Number 1, Social Control;
and Spring 1992, Volume 2, Number 2, Epistemology. Closed Loop can be
obtained for $6 per copy by sending your check payable to: Control
Systems Group and mailing it to our business office (Mary Powers) at:
73 Ridge Road, CR 510, Durango, CO 81301.

10209 N. 56th St., Scottsdale, Arizona 85253 Ph.602 991-4860

from Ed Ford (930812:2015)

To all CSG members: The July edition of Closed Loop was mailed today to
all members. Those with a 93 membership need to renew their membership
in CSG is they wish to continue receiving Closed Loop.

Best, Ed

Ed Ford 5913466@MCIMAIL.COM
10209 N. 56th St., Scottsdale, Arizona 85253 Ph.602 991-4860

[from Mary Powers 9410.08]

Some CSG stuff:

Kent - the 1995 annual meeting is scheduled for Wed.-Sun., July
19th-23rd, at Fort Lewis College, Durango.

This has not been confirmed by the FLC conference office, but it
hasn't been disconfirmed either. I'll check next week and let you
know if there are any changes.

Rick to Bruce Abbott: "...Closed Loop, which can be ordered from
Greg Williams..."


All surplus copies of Closed Loop are at the CSG business office
(me). Here is some info about it:

                           CLOSED LOOP

Note: the first four issues are 10, 24, 36, and 52 pp.
Later issues are all 72 pp. Subscriptions begin with the 4th
(fall) issue of one volume and continue through to the 3rd
(summer) issue of the next, since this corresponds with the
membership and meeting cycle. Subscriptions received throughout
the membership year (August-July) are for the same 4 issues; late
subscribers receive back issues of the current year.
Back issues: Volume 1 is available for $12. All later issues are
$6 each. Order from
                         Mary A. Powers
                         73 Ridge Place
                         Durango CO 81301-8136).

Contents (items listed without authors are conversations from

Volume 1 l991

1. The uses of control theory
   "Revolutionary" control theory?
2. The method of levels and internal conflict
3. Competition, morals, religion, and science
4. A (control) engineer among the psychologists
   "Reality" therapy and "experiential" therapy

Volume 2 l992

1. Social control
2. Epistemology
   Levels of perception
   On Modeling
3. Statistics vs. generative models
4. Conflict, belief, standards: part I

Volume 3 1993

1. Conflict, belief, standards: part II

   Research reports:
     Marken, R. S. The blind men and the elephant: three
       perspectives on the phenomenon of control
     Bourbon, W.T. and Powers, W.T. Models and their worlds

2. Portable PCT demonstrations

3. Visions and revisions

4. Two views of control-system models

   Research reports:
     Marken, R. S. Hierarchical behavior of perception
     Bourbon, W. T. Mimicry, repetition, and perceptual control

Volume 4 1994

1. Powers, M. A. How perceptual control theory began
   Clark, R. K. Perceptual control theory: origins, development,
   Robertson, R. J. The early days of perceptual control theory:
     one person's view
   Bourbon, W. T. Cofessions of a non-pioneer
   Marken, R. S. My life as a control theorist
   Goldstein, D. M. Perceptual control theory: Looking back,
     looking forward
   Powers, W. T. Control theory at 40

The spring issue is in the mail, and the summer issue will be out
in a month. The fall issue, which should be out by the end of the
year, will go only to current, 1994-95 members. Currently these
include everyone who registered for the meeting, and those who
renewed or began their memberships after the meeting. Membership
in the CSG is $45, $10 for students, and $24 for limited income.

Mary P.