i.kurtzer (970702)

strangest thing, my mother who is pursuing her doctorate in Nursing at UAB
brought home a her research design book today, y lo and behold it had a
reference to Powers and Marken for their e-coli modelling. i nearly
freaked and then checked to see if the real nitty gritty might be there as
well; like methods specific to purposive behavior ala the Test. alas no.
alot of fine slicing, matched pairs, IV-DV designs, ect., but no
recognition of its limit for systems that exist in a closed loop
relationship with their environs, such as organisms.
its a small world so can you guess the author?
hint: his initials are B.B.A.

this one was the 1996 edition so maybe the next will be different.

sorry about the knives, just suggestively playing.
feel free to wreak on me at the conference. (-: