Complimentary IJH-C Journal Issue 50(6), really!

[From Bill Powers (2000.01.08.1023 MDT)]

My copy to csgnet didn't work, so this is a repeat:

Bryan Thalhammer told me about an analog computer chip, and I responded by
saying yes, I wanted to see the material on it. I forwarded his message to
a bunch of people, but I don't remember exactly who. So I'm copying his
today's post to everybody, for obvious reasons. Don't feel bad, Bryan, it's
happened to all of us.


At 09:30 AM 01/08/2000 -0600, [Bryan] wrote:


Hang on..... I think it was an April Fools Joke. I hope that I had not
inadvertently embarrassed. I sent the article, unaware of what I just
found, to you. I think that there is something wacky, now that I think
about the blinding light they talked about. Please excuse this oops.

Unfortunately, he's probably right.


Bill P.