Conference Registration

From[Bill Williiams 17 March 2004 11:30 PM CST]

Since I didn't think Dodge was big enough for both of us I hadn't planned on
attending the Chicago meeting. However, if you are not going to be at the
Chicago Meeting, is it too late for you put my name on the list?

I've got some econmic models I'd like to present to the CSG group.

Bill Williams



From: Control Systems Group Network (CSGnet) on behalf of Rick Marken
Sent: Sat 4/17/2004 10:50 PM
Subject: Fresh Air

[From Rick Marken (2004.04.17.2050)]

I'm signing off of CSGNet, I will not be coming to the CSG meeting this
summer, and I will no longer be participating in CSG (all these
decisions were made with my darling Linda's support and endorsement).
I will finish keeping the books for the meeting this summer but after
that those who have an interest in the continued existence of CSG can
get the treasury funds and books from me.

I'm posting this information to the net so that all those who might not
be attending CSG meetings or participating on CSGNet on my account will
know that I will no longer be participating in either of these venues.

Best regards

Richard S. Marken
Home 310 474-0313
Cell 310 729-1400