[From Bruce Gregory (960418.1350)]

I rise at an absurdly early hour for reasons that are not totally
unrelated to the fact that I commute 70 miles from Connecticut to
Cambridge Mass. five days a week. (Why is he telling me this, you
ask. Be patient, you'll see in a minute.)

I drink a cup of coffee while trying to convince my body that it
wants to exercise itself and read for about half an hour, before
going off to work up a sweat. The books I pick to read at this time
are special and I am currently reading Rick's _Mind Readings_.
This morning I found myself moved almost to tears by the clarity,
simplicity and beauty of "Closed-Loop Behavior: Human Performance as
Control of Input." For those of you who might want to calibrate what
it takes to so move me, and who are familiar with physics, the last
experience of reading something technical that had this effect on me
was Fred Reif's _Statistical Physics_ in the Berkeley Physics series.
I work very hard to be clear, concise, and persuasive. I can
recognize a master when I encounter one.

Thanks Rick.

Bruce G.