Control & Conflict

From [Marc Abrams (2005.10.30.1306)]

Bjorn, you also might want to take a look at some of the PCT work by Tom Bourbon on counter-control with regard to the notion of ‘conflict’.

Conflict between control systems is not
equivalent to conflict between individual organisms. Conflict between and among organisms is a great deal more complicated.

Also, please do not confound PCT and control. PCT is a ‘brand’ name of a certain type of control system. Other people have different ideas.

Here in the states we often make brand names generic for a type of product. An example might be ‘Saran wrap’. Saran Wrap is a brand of plastic food wrap you use to wrap left-overs in. So most folks call all plastic wrap, Saran wrap.

So, although I agree that control is foundational to purposeful human behavior, I believe PCT has some major shortcomings and problems as currently structured.