Control -Reply

[Hans Blom, 960306b]

(Rick Marken (960305.0815))

Control, as we talk about it, is a rather high-level concept that,
somehow, originates from the interaction of the more basic laws of
physics. At the level of the atom or molecule we don't see it yet,
at the level of the organism we do. We seem to need some complex
arrangement of units before control arises.

You seem to have discovered that control is a real phenomenon, that
it is exhibited by organisms and not atoms or (most) molecules.

Rick, I talk about a "concept", whereas you talk about "real". It's
all perception is what I want to say, and I seem to have quite diffe-
rent perceptions than you do. Mine serve me well; yours serve you
well, I assume. Let's leave it at that, shall we?

Perhaps now you can answer the rather basic question about control
that you avoided in the past:

Does the environment control behavior?

Rick, I've answered this question several times in the past. Yet you
are not satisfied with my answers. What do you _really_ want from me?




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