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[From Bruce Gregory (970920.22.20)]

Rick Marken (970920.1750)

I don't want to give the impression that I favor turning
all of our efforts to the solution of practical problems. I
agree that PCT might get more attention from the lay public
if it were shown to be of practical value in education and
therapy. So I want to participate in efforts to demonstrate the
practical value of PCT. But I strongly object to the notion
that "practical value" is the best test of a theory.

You may be battling a strawperson here. I assume we all agree
with you.

The best tests of PCT are the little "balls rolling down
planes" experiments, some of which are available at:



8. A reinforcer is a controlled perception.

Not according to Bruce A. A reinforcer is part of the loop that
controls the perception according to him.

People change when their control of certain perceptions (like
the perception of being Catholic or Jewish) interferes with the
ability to control other perceptions. But it's difficult to
predict how people will change. People don't change their goals
willy nilly -- especially goals that are important to them. If
being Jewish conflicts with having that delicious pork chop
the solution might be to just ignore the rule (you go reform;-));
you're still Jewish but now you get to have fun too.

The Jewish idea of fun! Good thing the religion does
not try to proselytize :wink: