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[From Dick Robertson,2007.10.10.1640CDT]

Lest you think the post to got undeliverable because I left out part, in my last post to CSG net instead, No I had it right in the first attempt. I got rattled after the repeated rejections.



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[From Dick Robertson, 2007.10.10.1630CDT]


I have been trying, repeatedly to paste in Pat’s response on
your motion sickness work with her(she had eye surgery, so it
took until now to get back to me.

I tried pasting her response into “compose” to and got three “undeliverables”
Then I tried pasting it into a reply to your reply to Bruce N.
It wouldn’t paste. Well, I tried it again and this time it pasted.


Sorry ittook so long to get back to you.

I rememberBill Power’s software program with the moving dots. What I rememberis that Bill kept improving the program until it had bugs and I no longer evenunderstood what I was supposed to be doing.

I think thateventually the moving dots lost their effect on me, but I don’t know if itwas because Bill kept changing things or I adapted.

As formotion sickness, I don’t respond as vigorously to stimuli as I used to. Maybe I just adapted as I got older and put my self in the provokingsituations.


Bill wroteto you:

The graduate student suffered frommotion sickness to a debilitating degree…we were probably measuring themotion of fluid in the semicircular canals!

Why would Bill think that hewas “measuring the motion of fluid in the semicircular canals”?

The motion of the dots onthe screen didn’t require the head to move, thus there was no labyrinthineinvolvement, except to inform one that the body was starionary. I thinkDr. Dolezal would say that it was the mismatch between thevisual information of motion and the labyrinthine and proprioceptiveinformation of no motion that caused the motion sickness.



Dick R.