CP Chapter 2

[From Fred Nickols (2013.07.16.1446 EDT)]

That’s a riot. Completely missing the target isn’t “statistically significant.�

I didn’t tumble to the extrapolation nature of the tortoise example. Thanks for the enlightenment, David.

Fred Nickols


From: D GOLDSTEIN [mailto:davidmg@VERIZON.NET]
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Subject: B:CP Chapter 2

[David Goldstein (2013.07.16.10:53)]

Again, try the two “Leading Questions� at the end of Chapter 2. You might like to speculate on what these questions are leading to.

Leading Questions:

  1. The average of 6, 8, 12, and 14 is 10. But none of the arrows hit the target. The standard deviation of these values leads to z-scores of -1.10, -.55, 55, 1.10. None of these would be considered deviant enough from the mean of 10 to be “statistically significant.�

  2. This example shows the problem with extrapolation. The stone wall will stop the tortoise from continuing to move.