Critical Discussion


I realized today that on CSGnet the notion and concept of ‘critical discussion’ or Dialogue is a non entity. Proselytizing is the norm.

People like Gregory, Marken, and Powers always seem to talk past others because that is in effect exactly what they do.

They are only all too willing to be critical of YOUR idea’s. But cannot deal with, nor can they handle when someone is critical of theirs. That is when the conversation comes to an end, and the smart-ass remarks, strawmen and red herrings begin to appear.

You can count on it like you can count on the sun to rise and set.

When they end providing you with their words of wisdom, and comments, or they are convinced they cannot change your mind on a topic, that signals the end of the rational conversation and the nonsense commences.

CSGnet has never been a place for ‘critical’ scientific discussion. A scientific ‘discussion’ involves at least TWO parties, each willing to listen, absorb, and test the idea’s, not only of others, but most importantly, of and for themselves.

Introspection, is NO test, and that seems to be the only ‘test’ the hierarchy has been able to ‘pass’.

Hey Ken, am I still ‘polluting’ CSGnet with trash? I can see you are a man of idea’s as well.

A forum of demagogues.

From [Marc Abrams (2005.12.06.1446)]

Last week Tracy Harms posted some material on Karl Popper with regard to indeterminism. Popper was the philosopher who popularized the concept of falsifiability in science as I showed yesterday from the Wiki site,

Here, I am going to try to address another aspect of his work, critical rationalism, and aspects of it that I believe can help us all get what we want from CSGnet without stepping on anyone else’s toes, and without every thread turning into cock fight.

It will require some work on the part of each of us but if this is truly a professional and scientific forum then the price I believe is small compared to the benefits gained. But that decision obviously has to be yours.

I am willing to prepare and present my ideas on critical discussion to CSGnet if there is interest for me to do so.

I am preparing this material for my own use and would be happy to share it with others, but I would like to see if there is any interest in this.

The purpose of this material again, is to be able to conduct structured discourse that effectively is able to separate the ideas of an individual from the emotions generated by those ideas.

That is, it should not matter who likes whom and who dislikes whom. Ideas can be presented and challenged in a way that everyone can learn without feeling slighted.

For me, this is important. I know how much I have been involved in wasted efforts and lost opportunities. But I do learn from my mistakes and I’m not afraid of attempting new things and making even more mistakes ;-), but when I do make a mistake, and I have made some whoppers, I try to take something away from it and try to improve on it for the next time.

This work on critical discussion is my response to all the mistakes I have made over the years on CSGnet and elsewhere trying to communicate my ideas to others, and my belief that if we are ever going to advance our knowledge, critical discussion will be an important ingredient

Let me know if you have any interest in this.