CSG Conference in China

[From Kenny Kitzke (2005.11.08)]

<Bjorn Simonsen (2005.11.08,10:20 EUST)>

All your examples of how our world could be different if
we understood PCT as the preferred explanation of human
behavior are marvelous. Will you be able to come to the
China Conference?

<Thank you. It would be nice to join the Conference, but it is too early to
answer today. It would be wonderful to meet you in CSG.>

Fortunately, Bjorn, there is still plenty of time before a decision must be made. However, this conference is unlike most. It will involve a greater expenditure of member time and money. And, with Passports, Visa’s, vaccinations, etc., it will require action/behavior/commitment earlier in time than for the typical US or Canada conference.

Most attendees, already on the expectation list, are excited. Many have not been to China, and see this as a very special chance to combine a rare cultural opportunity with their interest in PCT. Some are bringing family who usually do not come to the Conference.

And, the conference itself will not be more of the same old, same old. We have an official host and must work to make a mutually beneficial conference. For example, our China host has asked if there will be a “theme” for the conference. This is totally new, at least to me. I think they would prefer to have a more formally developed conference with predetermined speakers and topics.

As President, I am thinking this will be among the most memorable CSG Conference’s ever. And, I would like to see as many of our members, and especially our active members, be together for this Conference. I also hope that our top researchers will present their very best and latest studies on theory and application so that the attendees are truly aware of the latest developments.

So, I am trying to promote both interesting and professional debate on the Net, to lay the best foundation possible for an educational and unforgettable conference. I think you would fit in well. Certainly more members than I would like to meet the person behind the posts whose life has obviously changed due to PCT.

As far as a theme, I would appreciate any suggestions anyone would have. This would help guide and control the priority of presentations. Just off the top of my head, I would offer:

  1. PCT: Why Controlling Perceptions and not Behavior Matters?

  2. HPCT: Handling Conflict Within and Between People

If we can get a consensus on a theme by the start of the year, that will help anyone who wishes to make a presentation in the most populous country in the world. If 1% of China’s scientists accepted HPCT, can you imagine how the world and CSGNet might change!?