CSG Manchester

[From Rick Marken (2007.10.28.1355)]

Hi Richard, Bjorn and others attending the CSG conference in Manchester.

It would be great if you could give us a little daily report about
what's going on at the meeting: who's there, who's presenting, etc.

Thanks. Have a great time.




On 10/28/07, Bj�rn Simonsen <bjornsi@broadpark.no> wrote:

From Richard Kennaway (2007.10.38.0833 GMT)

>Everyone going to Manchester, remember daylight saving time ended
>(over here, at least) today.

The same happened in Bergen, but can that explain why it is dark and cloudy
the whole day.
If you are going to Manchester I look forward to meet you. Do you bring with
you thel MOL tape?


Richard S. Marken PhD