CSG Meeting in July (in the USA) and November (in Jolly Olde)

from Rick Marken (2007.04.11.1140)]

Tim Carey sent the message copied below to the MOL List. I would like to suggest that people get their cash in for the Mpls/St. Paul meeting as well. I don't know if I'll be able to afford the Manchester meeting, so I'll be a bit late in putting in my cash for that. But I WANT to go, and Linda certainly wants to go. But I also might not be able to go because I'm lined up for teaching in the Fall at Ucla and they don't let us Adjuncts go flitting around to meetings all over the world. Besides, if I don't go to Manchester maybe Tom will go. That would be nice.



I was trying to think of some witty way of reminding
everyone about the CSG conference in Manchester in
November 2007 but it turned out like this!

Wit is highly overrated I think so how about you
all just send us your cash!!

Could someone subscribed to CSG send an equally
witty and genteel note to them please?



Richard S. Marken, PhD

Richard S. Marken, PhD