CSG web site

[From Dag Forssell (2005.12.11.1145 PST)]

From [Marc Abrams (2005.12.10.1530)]

Dag, Will Tom Bourbon's papers be put on the site? I saw some references to some work he did in some books but no papers.

I don't know what Tom's plans are. Time will tell.

You did a very nice job. The site looks terrific

If you are talking about www.perceptualcontroltheory.org, the answer is that I did nothing so far. I have asked for suggestions on things to rearrange, improve, redesign, whatever. I already know that "Best of CSGnet" needs reformatting to be legible. Bruce Abbot is the only one to have written me, suggesting that the text in the logo should be resequenced from "Studying, Applying, Understanding Perceptual Control Theory" to "Studying, Understanding, Applying Perceptual Control Theory." This turns out to be easier said than done, since the logo is a gif file. I expected suggestions for more substantial changes.

I have the ambition to set up www.pctresources.com with extensive arhives as well as update www.perceptualcontroltheory.org, but first I shall finalize Tim's book on MOL. I expect it to be available in final form by the first of the year.

Best, Dag