CSG website

[From Dag Forssell (2005 11 21 09:45 PST)]

It was agreed in Toronto that I would host the official CSG website. Fred Good has now transferred the three domain names


to me and I have set up hosting.

Saturday night, I threw the switch, pointing www.perceptualcontroltheory.org to my server, and the other two pointing to www.perceptualcontroltheory.org at the domain level, so all three point to the same site.

The change of server address must propagate through the name server system, where one top name server is replicated on thousands of name servers throughout the Internet. This is supposed to take a few days. At the moment, this change appears to be in mid-stream. From my machine, I don't see the old site, and not yet the new site.

It is possible that I have made some mistake along the way, but it is too early to be concerned about that possibility. I have a few files waiting at the new site and will upload the rest as soon as the address change has been implemented. In either case, this will work out.

This to explain why the site may not be reachable at the moment.

Once this is implemented, I shall work with Gary Cziko to set up a directory for a CSG Wiki. Later, I will review the entire site as discussed in Toronto.

As before, Rick will be in charge of the news section.

Best, Dag

[From Dag Forssell (2005 11 21 19:45 PST)]

I figured out what I had missed. I had defined perceptualcontroltheory.org but not www. ftp. and mail.

Now I have and it is all there, except I have not yet dealt with the search function.

I also get to figure out how to configure the Wiki for public access.

Best, Dag

[From Dag Forssell (2005 11 22 07:45 PST)]

Regarding Wikis, I received direct comments from Martin and Gary. I shall incorporate links to the Wikipedia entries Gary has created, rather than attempt to include that at the site itself.

It will be a while before I undertake to improve or redesign the site. There are several people with an interest in this site. I would like to hear from you so I can accumulate various comments, desires, ideas, opinions...

So as not to mix your comments with all the spam I get at my regular address, please write me at Dag Forssell <csgarchive@pctresources.com>. This is where I receive individual CSG posts for archiving (as noted here recently, digests are messy), and this will keep comments in one place. A discussion on CSGnet might be appropriate and this would be OK too. Just don't expect changes quickly.

Here are Gary's comments:



As I vaguely recall, you suggested a wiki at the official site.

I may have suggested this, but that would have been before I found out
there were free wiki sites available.

There are currently three CSG-related wikis:

1. The Wikipedia entry about PCT at

2. The Wikipedia entry about CSG at

3. The CSG 2006 meeting planning wiki at

These should be included on the CSG website.

Best, Dag