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Subject: CSG

Hi all,

Here are some thoughts and observations on the latest CSG conference …

I arrived there on Sunday morning as the Method of Levels workshop was starting Sunday night. At this workshop were about 18 people.

Bill gave a brief run down on Sunday night and then asked me to speak a little bit. I basically spoke about how I try to base the work I do as closely to PCT as I can. The format of the MOL workshop followed the CSG format (mornings and evenings) although there were very few formal presentations. Mostly demonstrations and then splitting up into small groups. On Tuesday night some people wanted to explore how you might teach this to adolescents who were interested in peer counselling.

CSG started on Wednesday night.

The presentations were:

Bullying - Tim

I wanted some suggestions about a controlled variable scale for bullies I am developing as an interview tool to be used when working with kids.

Countercontrol - Tim

Again I wanted some suggestions about what a research program might look like. I did the rubber band demo.

Control Theory economics - Rick

Rick presented a 3 page paper based, in part, on the book written by Bill’s dad. It was a basic closed causal loop with consumption where p would normally be and production where qo would normally be.

PCT and Modern Control Theory - Bill

Bill was concerned that something like PCT was out there and he wanted us to do a research project where we traced this theory back to its roots and published some papers to debunk it.

Child development and PCT - Dick

Dick wanted to know how to teach PCT to his grandkids as this kind of knowledge might help them as adults.

EAB and PCT - Chris

Chris Cherpas gave a brief chronology of his transition from the experimental analysis of behaviour to PCT.

MOL - Tim

Bill asked me to give a review of the workshop we’d just had.

What I learned from PCT - Dag

Dag presented snippets out of his book which were discussed.

MSOB review - Lloyd

Lloyd had done a book review on Bill’s new book and wanted suggestions from people as to improvements and also places to publish.

Cult of fours - Autumn

Autumn presented a very brief, yet detailed, analysis he’d done of various programs around and how alot of them seem to incorporate the number four (such as the four basic needs)

Enneagrams - Chris

Chris presented his ideas on the enneagrams and how they fit with PCT.

That’s about all I can think of for now.

Oh yeah. I spent some considerable time chatting with Phil Runkel. He really should be a national treaure. What a delightful man.