CSGnet archive - more Eudora anyone? More logs?

[From Dag Forssell (2008 12.02 11:00 PST)]

(Suitable parts of this mail will end up as intro to the archive.)

Many thanks to Martin Taylor for zip file with six months of Eudora from 2000.

Your files processed just fine. I added the file name extension .mbx to your Mac files, discarding your table of contents files, and they opened just fine. From a total of 844 messages, I found 17 that did not contain CSGNET@POSTOFFICE.CSO.UIUC.EDU, nor Control Systems Group Network, looked them up, saw that they were indeed private, and removed them.

Now I am interested in additional Eudora mailboxes (by year, by month or several years makes no difference). Individual mails or daily digests.

Individual Eudora mails for 1996 and earlier

Daily Eudora digest mails prior to April, 2001.

I have CSGNET Digest - 31 Mar 2001 to 1 Apr 2001 (#2001-76) and following in Eudora mailboxes.

My ambition is twofold:

1) I want future PCTers to be able to go over the record with a fine tooth comb, and
2) I want present and future PCTers to be able to search and read as easily as possible.

A complete, sure to be accurate, record is contained in logs and daily digests.

Mailboxes with individual mails are not necessarily complete. Accidental or deliberate deletions may have happened. The collection of attachments is not complete.

I have received and will post Kennaway's collection of CSGnet logs from July 94 through May 05. These are text files and contain any attachments in uuencoded form. The uuencoded parts can be copied to separate text files, then converted using a uudecode program, which is easy to find on the net and install. My favorite file management program, PowerDesk 7 has the ability and instructions. In the past, I used a program called Aladdin with good results.

Daily digests are complete and they too contain attachments as uuencoded text.
My record features daily digests saved as text and zipped from December 1998 through December 2002.

I also have a complete set of daily digests in Eudora mailboxes from April 2001 to date. These contain uuencoded attachments. (Just like individual mails in Eudora mailboxes, these digests are searchable using the Boolean search functions in Eudora, though the daily grouping makes searches less precise. I will post Eudora PC 7.1 last issue and Eudora MAC 6.2.4 last issue as free downloads. Eudora has been placed in the public domain.)

In the early years, I copied and pasted all correspondence from MCImail and any other mail program I may have forgotten into Word files. The early files contain individual mails and some of my personal mail may be included. Later, I strung digests together and used search and replace to remove repetitive headers. I formatted posts with indentation and such to my liking. I uudecoded some attachments, removed the uuencoded text from the word file and placed the attachment in a folder with the monthly Word file. These Word files cover CSGnet from the very beginning in August 1990 through July 2002. In the later years, HTML-encoded emails caused considerable duplication of text in the Word files, and I ceased spending the time to uudecode and format, so the quality of the Word files deteriorates toward the end.

I will group these databases as separate downloads when I set up the website.

Best, Dag