CSGNet Notes

[From Rick Marken (981222.1420)]

1. I put a new version of the CSG logo up. It should look
better on all machines. I also made the environment a
black box, as it should be. Would those of you who were
having trouble with "jaggies" in the previous version of
the logo please let me know if the one up now is an

2. As most of you know, I sent out a mailing last week
to everyone listed as a subscriber to CSGNet. The
results were most interesting. There are still quite
a few people (more than 60) listening in to CSGNet. A few
wanted to be removed (I'll get to that as soon as I figure
out how to do it).

I will only remove people from the list if they ASK me
to remove them or if their e-mail address no longer

3. I would like to make papers on PCT-related topics
available at the CSG web site. If anyone has any papers
they think should be posted at the CSG site please let me know.




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