CSGNet posts

[From Rick Marken (931019.0915)]

Gary Cziko (931019.0120 GMT) --

I therefore want to make it clear that posting messages to CSGnet is a
public act.

No wonder people nod disapprovingly and children yell taunts at me
as I walk by.

I would hope that CSGnetters honor Rick's request (and any
similar ones from other CSGnetters) that his message not be forwarded to
those not subscribed to CSGnet.

It's actually OK. I was just kidding about the post about the
HF meeting being "just for CSGNet". I don't care who knows it;
Rick Marken thinks that most HF engineers and other conventional
social scientists are INTENTIONALLY clueless; they don't know
anything about the nature of control (purposeful behavior), how it
works (control of perception) or how to study it (test for controlled
variables) -- and they treat attempts to teach them about these things
as threats (disturbances).

I gotta go