Dag and The Phenomenon of Control

Hello All!

Rec'd Dag's packet today; he's done some tremendous work here. In my world --
and my world is organizational education and renewal -- there is absolutely
nothing like it. It crystallizes all that is positive in current corporate
training, and presents it (through PCT) in a single, understandable vehicle.

Please continue to support Dag and his work -- despite the sense of the ideas
or the critical degree that they're necessary, it's incredible how many people
turn a deaf ear(or a blind eye?) to a new paradigm. Just ask Ed Ford or Jim

Corporations across the country are looking for the 'magic' of empowerment;
they say, how do we "empower" people? They don't realize that the magic lies
in seeing each person as an individual control system....that understanding
empowerment means understanding PCT. Real leaders (the minority) can sense
that...but, it's unfortunate that learning a new mindset is too much work for
the others (the majority) who are looking for the 'quick fix'.

Best to All,


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