Dances With S-R

[From Rick Marken (991004.1910)]


Does Danziger explain _why_ lack of an explanation of these
terms has led psychologists to accept a cause-effect model
of living systems?

Tim Carey (991002.1340)]

Nope, not really. His focus is mostly on the historical social
construction of terms and he leans heavily towards the notion of
social control as the reason for the appearance of most of the

I think Danziger is out to lunch. Psychologists don't accept
the cause-effect model because they have failed to explain some
terms. They accept the cause effect model because purposeful
behavior looks like cause effect to those who don't know what
they are looking at. That's what my "Blind men..." paper (available
at is all about.

Put simply, PCT explains why psychologists accept a cause effect
model: it's becuase they have succumbed to the _behavioral
illusion_. (Those who are not familiar with the behavioral
illusion can read about and experience it at




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