Determined by the Outside world?? -Reply

[Hans Blom, 960129]


This is, for me, the basis of the eternal misunderstanding in many
discussions: what _I_ control is determined by the outside world as
much as by me myself. Is that still "control", or do we want to
refine the explanation? This touches on some basic issues, I think.

Do you mean that the purposes, goals, and/or reference signals that
you use when you behave were DETERMINED by the OUTSIDE WORLD without
any perceptual fuctioning by you?

Chuck, I cannot imagine myself "without any perceptual functioning",
so this question makes little sense to me as stated. I also do not
understand what you mean by "determined" (why capitalize?). Solely?

If your answer is YES, then I would agree with you. But, if it is
NO, then you are not controlling as determined by the outside

What I meant is that any of my (lower level) goals can be written as
a function both of internal (higher level) goals AND of incoming
perceptions "about" the world, something like: my_goal (level N) =
f (my_goal (level N+1), perceptions (world)). Just draw the schematic
of part of the hierarchy and notice.

Do you agree?

With what exactly? Can you make your intentions clearer?