Do You Use Usenet for CSGnet?

[from Gary Cziko 950301.1507 GMT]

If you have access to Usenet where CSGnet exists as
bit.sci.purposive-behavior, I would appreciate knowing how long CSGnet
posts are kept before being deleted (they last for one week on my Usenet

This will help me decided how often to send the introductory document (FAQ).

Please respond directly to me at and put something like
"bit.sci.purposive-behavior 2 weeks" in the subject field to answer my


[Samuel Saunders 950301: 1228 EST]


I had been using USENET to read CGS-L for about 14 months, but I just
subscribed to the listserv because the USENET connection is no longer
available. I have access to USENET through 3 different machines. None
of them have the ne bit.sci... group, or in fact any bit.sci hierarchy
at all. They continue to carry bit.listserv.cgs-l, but noting has been
there for the last 2 weeks are so. Are you sure the new group is
showing up anywhere?

//Samuel Spence Saunders,Ph.D.