Does Journal Peer Review Miss Best and Brightest?

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[ Does Journal Peer Review

Miss Best and Brightest?](

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sciencehabit writes:A study published today
indicates that the scientific peer review system does a reasonable job of predicting the eventual interest in most papers, but it
may fail when it comes to identifying really game-changing research
. Papers that were accepted outright by one of the three elite journals tended to garner more citations than papers that were rejected and then published elsewhere (abstract ).
And papers that were rejected went on to receive fewer citations than papers that were approved by an editor. But there is a serious chink in the armor: All 14 of the most highly cited papers in the study were rejected by the three elite journals, and 12 of
those were bounced before they could reach peer review. The finding suggests that unconventional research that falls outside the established lines of thought may be more prone to rejection from top journals.

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