down the hall

i.kurtzer (980331.2330)

bill said:

This is what I call the "down the hall" syndrome. Somebody goes to a
psychologist, and asks "Do stimuli actually cause responses?" The
psychologist says, "We don't know the details, but there's a guy just down
the hall, a neurologist, who can tell you." We go to the neurologist and
ask "Do stimuli actually causes responses?" The neurologist says, "I can
tell you how the nerves are hooked up to the brain, and how the brain is
hooked to the muscles, but as to what actually happens during behavior,
you'll have to ask my friend the psychologist, just down the hall." So the
neurologist and the psychologist each assumes that the other can fill in
the gaps.


Having just returned from a Canadian Motor Control conference, i can vouche
for this.
There tracking tasks or any task paired with explicit public
corroboration--the so-called knowledge of results--was considered
Of course while there i had to open my trap. Mixed reviews.