Editing the Content and title of your post

Hi all,

Here is a quick post to make you aware that you can edit your posts by clicking the pencil icon pencil.

Depending on its location, you can edit different sessions of your posts. For instance,

Editting Your Post Title
You can click of the pencil next to the title. Title

And you will see a form for editing the title.

Simply editing as you wish and click the blue tick.

Editing Content
Editing the content of your post is a bit tricky because pencil is hiding .
You can see this panel at the bottom of your post.
By clicking the “3 dot” icons, you can see pencil and edit your post.

The Quote tool captures a quote within a quote in a straightforward way, but here is an example of confusion when Discourse quote tags are combined with CSGnet-style attribution tags.

Here is the context from which Eetu was quoting:

The most consistent solution would be to quote from the archive category/topic and retain the tag and link that Discourse provides leading back to the source of the quote.

The other solution, and the only one available in this instance because there is no Discourse tag linking to the source in the archive, is to keep the CSGnet-style quote attribution tag:

Rick did this just before the quoted passage, and this example also shows how the Quote tool in Discourse handles nested quotes: