Email vs. web interface

You’re referring to this Discourse topic. When I look in the Discourse web interface, I see your posts and mine in sequence. If you are looking at it in email that may be why you are not seeing your posts. There may be a setting in your email software that determines whether you see your own outgoing email. There may be a setting for your account in Discourse that you could change. If you want to use it exclusively like a listserv, viewing posts only in email, there is a FAQ page that can help you.

The best way to see all the posts under a given topic, in my view, is in the web interface. Email systems typically clutter each post with quoted prior email in reverse chronological order. In Discourse, it is more obvious than on a listserv that every post is retained, and it is easier to search and access prior posts, including posts from many years ago.

For example, to make the above link, I used the link button in the Discourse toolbar. To get the URL, I navigated in Discourse to the Learning PCT > Interdisciplinary Opportunities subcategory, opened the You say you want a revolution topic, scrolled down and placed my cursor in your last post. Then I copied the URL.

  • http ://

(Here, I’ve put a space after the http to keep Discourse from rendering it graphically. The number 25 at the end changes, depending upon which post is selected in the topic.)

To quote a specific statement that you want to respond to in the current topic, select it, and the Discourse UI pops up an option to quote it. That’s how I quoted your post above.

To quote something that is not in the current topic, you can link to it as above. For example, you might be interested in reading about Rapoport’s Rules (a.k.a. Dennett’s Rules) in the topic “How to make a successful argument”. The quote tool doesn’t work: [quote=“bnhpct, post:1, topic:15467”]
Rapoport’s Rules (a.k.a. Dennett’s Rules)
But the link Rapoport’s Rules (a.k.a. Dennett’s Rules) takes you to the topic. Or to display a preview of the linked text, you can just paste the URL after saying what you want your reader to look at, like this:

Have a look at Rapoport’s Rules (a.k.a. Dennett’s Rules) here:


all I’m asking is that we and others see the same conversation what we were talking about minus my “uncivilized” discussion. Although I doubt it was uncivilized as you answered on my suspicions and we settled the conflict.

I’m getting email from Discourse and replay through gmail. Are there any special settings that could disturb normal seeing of our discussion as other see it.

V V sre., 27. okt. 2021 ob 16:35 je oseba Bruce E. Nevin via IAPCT <> napisala:

I apologize for misunderstanding.

I understand now that you want me to remove some parts from our conversation so that they don’t persist there. I’ll look. I have an NSF report due the end of the month so I might not get to it right away. I’ve already put a lot of time into this today. It will speed things if you give some kind of pointer to where you mean.

I recommend using the web interface for replies. If you click the 3 dots at the bottom, you see a button to visit the topic in your browser.

I should have said explicitly, that’s a screenshot showing the button.