Equilibrium theory--B. Abbott

[FROM: Dennis Delprato (941020)]

Bruce Abbott:

You mentioned you were writing a learning book. You may
already know of the proto-PCT nature of equilibrium
and response deprivation theories, but I mention them
just in case. (I know Tom Bourbon has gritted his
teeth over some of this work.) I am referring to
research primarily associated with Timberlake and
Allison (e.g., Psychological Science, 1994, 121ff.) in
which they began with Premack's rate differential idea and
took "baseline" response rates as bliss points ("behavioral
equilibrium") = reference levels. They do get away from
reinforcers a strengtheners. A PCT-oriented learning book
might present equilibrium theory, show how it is in the
direction of PCT, and indicate how it can be revised to
more completely fit in with BCP.

No thread on this needed. Just for files of anyone
who finds advancements made slowly and from different
directions. If it is BCP not PCB, then it would not
be surprising for dim views of this to be fairly
evident, but full development and understanding of the
idea to take some time.

Dennis Delprato