Evolutionary Research with Robots

[From Bryan Thalhammer (2007.03.09 CST)]

Hi all,

Here is a very interesting thing that might shed light on Gould's or Dawkins'
ideas of why so-called something can come from so-called nothing. Gary Cziko
and I shared an episode from Scientific American about learning robots that may
be related or antecedent to this.

Perhaps this can be an interesting discussion that feeds into how the hierarchy
developed in higher animals like us and how it develops comparatively in
humans, other primates and other animals that bear behavioral resemblances.


Robo-salamander goes swimming
Bot throws light on the evolution of walking:

Robot salamander casts light on swim-walk transition
By Stephen Withers
Friday, 09 March 2007
A robot salamander created at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology
supports its developers' theory of how animals made the transition from
swimming to walking.

That throws a wrench into the irreducible components argument, hahaha